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Geological & Ocean Capture

Matthew Eisaman is an Associate Professor at Yale University in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences and the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture (YCNCC). Prior to joining Yale in 2023, he served as an Associate Professor at Stony Brook University with a guest appointment at Brookhaven National Lab. In 2021, Matt co-founded Ebb Carbon, a startup based in San Carlos, CA that is commercializing ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (ocean CDR) and ocean acidification reversal using electrochemical ocean alkalinity enhancement. He currently advises Ebb Carbon as Chief Scientist. Prof. Eisaman served as a technical advisor to X, formerly known as Google[X], from 2014 - 2021, and in 2016 he led Project Foghorn at X, which aimed to create carbon-neutral liquid fuel from seawater. Prior to Stony Brook, Prof. Eisaman was a Physicist at Brookhaven National Lab from 2011-2014, an Applied Physicist in the Cleantech Innovation Program at Xerox PARC in Palo Alto, CA from 2008-2011, and an NRC Postdoc at NIST from 2006-2008. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Harvard and A.B. in Physics from Princeton in 2006 and 2000, respectively. His research has covered a broad range of clean-energy technologies, including photovoltaics and CO2 removal. Prof. Eisaman’s current research is focused on ocean CDR, including: the optimization and commercialization of electrochemical ocean CDR; its effects on marine ecosystems; establishing and improving methods for measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV); and the potential for colocation and co-benefits of electrochemical ocean CDR with other carbon removal approaches. 

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