Enhanced Mineral Weathering in Agricultural Settings

What this project investigates: The effects of adding ground minerals to agricultural soils using a process called “enhanced mineral weathering” in various agricultural settings with an initial focus on industrial agriculture in the United States. 

How this will be addressed: Through field trials adding ground minerals to fields growing different crops and measuring carbon uptake, storage, and leakage from soil samples. This is complemented by more laboratory analyses and synthesis of existing scientific literature.

Why it matters: Although agriculture is responsible for a large portion of greenhouse gas emissions, agricultural lands have tremendous potential for carbon capture and storage and may be a valuable tool in mitigating the climate crisis. Enhanced mineral weathering has the potential not only to contribute to carbon capture, but to enhance crop yields.

Focus Area: 
Geological & Ocean Capture
Project Lead: 
Noah Planavsky
Region or Field Site: 
Midwest United States and Connecticut